Smighties Universe



Head to the Store page to purchase a Pod. Each Pod has different chances of unlocking rare Smighties and Hotel Floors, what will you find?



Smighties are small and mighty heroes and now you can own them all!


There are 136 unique and rare Smighties to collect with different attributes, powers, strengths and weaknesses. Each Smighty can be categorized by their elements of earth, water, light, air and magic or by their rarity! When you buy Smighties, your Smighties are 100% owned by you!



Because Smighties are awesome! All Smighties are unique and some are more rare than others. Rarities include: Normal, Rare, Extraordinary, Legendary and even Epic!

When you buy Smighties on Smighties Universe, you actually own the Smighty and the Hotel Floor. You can complete your entire collection of 136 Smighties and over 30 Hotel floors. Again, you own them 100%!


Ownership is logged on the blockchain and we will be launching a Smighties Universe marketplace where you will be able to buy and sell your Smighties for real money. In addition, we plan on launching games where you will be able to use your Smighties and Hotel Floors. Therefore, your Smighties and Hotel Floors have real value and can even become more valuable in the future.



After their years-long journey to Earth, the Smighties needed a place to call home. On Earth, Smighties live in the Smighties Hotel. Each floor in the Hotel is unique and fun, and Smighties really love their new accomodations! When you buy Smighties, they are then transported to their assigned floor in the Hotel.



Traditionally, when you buy items in games, you don't own them outright. Also, you can't resell them or use the items in other games. The gaming companies actually own all of your items.


However, in the Smighties Universe, Smighty characters and Hotel Floors are 100% owned by you! When you buy a pod and unlock a Smighty or Hotel Floor, you are buying non-fungible tokens (NFT's) that give you real ownership that is recorded (logged) on the blockchain. As long as you own that Smighty or Hotel Floor, the blockchain is a ledger that shows proof of ownership. We will be launching a marketplace where you will be allowed to buy and sell Smighties and Hotel Floor NFT's for real money or use them in future Smighties games.



NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are the next generation of collectibles. These digital items are tokenized with a smart contract and logged on the blockchain. You don't need to know anything about the blockchain to collect Smighties, but just know that your ownership of your NFTs is secure and stored.


When you get a Smighty and a Hotel Floor, we will email you proof of your ownership! This allows gamers to buy, sell and trade their collectibles with other players, with a true record of ownership. Your NFT's are one-of-a-kind and can become more valuable over time, especially if you are lucky enough to get very rare ones!



Smighty Pods are custom built spaceships that transport Smighties from Smightyland to planet Earth. Each Pod contains a surprise variety of Smighties and Hotel Floors. There are four different types of Pods: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Each Pod contains a different assortment of rare and unique Smighties and Hotel Floors. If you visit the store and click on each Pod, you will see what is contained in each Pod and the probabilities of unlocking rare Smighties and Hotel Floors. When you buy and open each Pod, you will be surprised to find what's inside!



We have made it super easy to purchase your Pods containing an assortment of Smighties and Hotel Floors. Simply create an account by clicking on Login, and then go to the Store.


Choose the Pods(s) of your choice and then follow the instructions to go to your Shopping Cart. In the Shopping cart, you can pay with your credit card, PayPal or Cryptocurrency to complete your purchase. Buying Smighties Pods is really that simple!



Now the fun part! After you buy your Pods, look for the 'Open Pod' button on top right of the screen. Click on this to go to the Pod opening screen and reveal which rare Smighties/Hotel Floors you got!


After you open the Pod, the Smighties are transported to their Hotel floor where they live.



The Smightypedia is where you can see all of the Smighties and learn everything there is to know about each Smighty. You can see which Smighties you have in your collection and the ones you still need to collect. The Smightypedia displays each Smighty and information including: Number, Rarity, Element, and the Attack, Defence, Intelligence, Luck, and Spirit abilities they possess. Also, you will get to know some more personal information about each Smighty (Personality, Power, Weakness, Favorite Food and Birthday). You may learn that you have a lot in common with one or more Smighties!


In the Hotel Floors tab, you can see your collection of Hotel Floors and which ones you still need to collect.



Check out the Story tab, sit back, relax, and read about the incredible story of the Smighties! You will come to learn about the important role the Smighties have played in our own history. After all, they've been visiting our planet for centuries.



Each day you login to Smighties Universe, you get rewarded with Smighties Login Bonus Points. When you reach certain levels of Smighties Bonus points, you will receive discounts on future Pod purchases. You can check the amount of your Bonus points in your Hub.



In the next few months, Smighties Universe will be adding a marketplace where you can buy and sell your owned Smighties and Hotel Floors. This will be a chance for you to complete your collection and possibly earn real money on sales. In 2021, we plan on launching games where you will be able to use your Smighties NFTs as well.



Let's build the Smighties Universe together! Please join all our social channels and tell all your friends. You can find social links at the bottom of the page. Other popular ways to contribute:


  • Creating Smighties fan art and sending it to us.
  • Streaming your experience on Smighties Universe.
  • Telling your friends about Smighties Universe.



Each Smighty belongs to one of five Elements: EARTH, WATER, LIGHT, AIR, and MAGIC. Each Smighty derives their power from their Element.



Smighties points are given to active users as a way of thanking you for being part of the Smighties Universe. You can earn Smighties Points by completing various actions on the website.


Logging in (1 per day) = 10 Smighties Points

Refer a friend = 10 Smighties Points

Refer a friend who makes a purchase = 50 Smighties Points


You can use your Smighties Points in the checkout to get a discount when making a purchase. We’ll introduce more ways to earn and redeem your points soon!


Smighties Point = $0.01