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Head to the Store page to purchase a Pod. Each Pod has different chances of unlocking rare Smighties and Hotel Floors, what will you find?



We have made it super easy to purchase your Pods containing an assortment of Smighties and Hotel Floors. Simply create an account by clicking on Login, and then go to the Store.


Choose the Pods(s) of your choice and then follow the instructions to go to your Shopping Cart. In the Shopping cart, you can pay with your credit card, PayPal or Cryptocurrency to complete your purchase. Buying Smighties Pods is really that simple!



Now the fun part! After you buy your Pods, look for the 'Open Pod' button on top right of the screen. Click on this to go to the Pod opening screen and reveal which rare Smighties/Hotel Floors you got!


After you open the Pod, the Smighties are transported to their Hotel floor where they live.



Each day you login to Smighties Universe, you get rewarded with Smighties Login Bonus Points. When you reach certain levels of Smighties Bonus points, you will receive discounts on future Pod purchases. You can check the amount of your Bonus points in your Hub.



Because Smighties are awesome! All Smighties are unique and some are more rare than others. Rarities include: Normal, Rare, Extraordinary, Legendary and even Epic!

When you buy Smighties on Smighties Universe, you actually own the Smighty and the Hotel Floor. You can complete your entire collection of 136 Smighties and over 30 Hotel floors. Again, you own them 100%!


Ownership is logged on the blockchain and we will be launching a Smighties Universe marketplace where you will be able to buy and sell your Smighties for real money. In addition, we plan on launching games where you will be able to use your Smighties and Hotel Floors. Therefore, your Smighties and Hotel Floors have real value and can even become more valuable in the future.



Smighties points are given to active users as a way of thanking you for being part of the Smighties Universe. You can earn Smighties Points by completing various actions on the website.


Logging in (1 per day) = 10 Smighties Points

Refer a friend = 10 Smighties Points

Refer a friend who makes a purchase = 50 Smighties Points


You can use your Smighties Points in the checkout to get a discount when making a purchase. We’ll introduce more ways to earn and redeem your points soon!


Smighties Point = $0.01